Michael Byrne - Managing Director

Michael commenced in the building industry in 1973 as an apprentice carpenter. Over the last 38 years he has worked in all aspects of the construction and development industry including estimating, project management, feasibility studies, working with consultants, etc.

With his professionalism and all embracing knowledge of business procedures, risk assessment and managerial strengths. Michael has the ability to create and maintain a strong and cohesive team essential to our company’s continued success.

Judy Williams - General Manager

Having worked for various building and development consultancy companies throughout Australia, Judy brings her computer, accounting, contract administration and management skills together with an in depth knowledge of the construction industry.

Judy has responsibility for all operational aspects of our business and has full knowledge of the status of all jobs at any time thus ensuring budgets are adhered to and the client is kept up to date.



Graeme Ballinger
- Construction Manager

Graeme is responsible for all of our construction sites and personnel. Graeme has 38 years of experience of managing sites of all descriptions and takes great pride in presenting great quality projects on time and within budget. Graeme also ensures that safety on site is first and foremost to look after our staff and sub-contractors lives.


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